Francesco Bolici
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Last Speaking Engagements

Invited Panelist at "Open innovation – sure, it works in practice but does it work in theory?", MCIS 2011, Cyprus 3-6 September 2011

Invited Talk:
"Virtual Settings: Managing Interdependencies in OS Projects & Understanding Individual Behaviors in Online Communities" [Slides].
At Dipartimento di Ingegneria Gestionale, (DIG) del Politecnico di Milano, Milano, October 26, 2010

Invited Talk:
"Network as atomic factor: discovering similar structures in different fields" [Slides].
At Summer BBS, hosted by Valortur, Terracina, July 05, 2010

Invited Talk:
"The role of stigmergic coordination in software development: examples from FLOSS projects"[Slides] (with J.Howison and K. Crowston).
DISA- Trento University, May 27, 2010

Workshop On Collaborative Social Networks. Washington D.C., USA, November 11-14, 2009.



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Conferences and Journals

Back to the Basics of Management and Economics @ BBS 2011.
CFP July 2011

Verso un'Agenda di Ricerca Condivisa: Proposte Interdisciplinari per l'Economia e il Management @ BBS 2010.
CFP June 2010

Open source and the open collaboration process @ ICIS 2010 (International Conference on Information Systems).
CFP May 2010

ConfSL 2010 @ IV Italian Conference on FLOSS
CFP April 2010

ICT enabling Collaboration, Innovation and Knowledge Sharing @ EURAM 2010 (European Academy of Management).
CFP January, 18 2010

Journal of the Associations of the Information Systems Call for papers: Special issue on Empirical Research on Free/Libre Open Source Software
CFP October 2009